Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics


Jelena BOGDANOVIC | Curriculum Vitae

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Education/Professional Career


B.Sc.  Dept. Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade


M.Sc. Biophysics, University of Belgrade


Ph.D. Biology (Plant physiology and biochemistry), University of Belgrade

present position:

Scientific Associate, Department of life sciences, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, Belgrade


Member of Society of Plant Physiology SCG

Member of Serbian Biophysical Society.

Research Projects (relevant to Action)

Domestic projects

“Cellular response to pollution stress in trees. Possibility of application in environmental monitoring” 2001-2005, financed by the Ministry of science of Rep Serbia- project leadership

“Investigations of novel biological sensors for plant monitoring and diagnostics” 2006-2010, financed by the Ministry of science of Rep Serbia- project leadership

- We are studying structure of the cell walls and constituent polymers, as well as antioxidant enzymes (specially those responsible for synthesis of polyphenolic compounds in the cell walls) and simple phenolic compounds, in order to find natural indicators that may be used in monitoring of the early stress in trees. Another direction of studies is synthesis of nanoparticles based on semiconductors (CdSe), and their linking to the chosen indicators of stress (such as proteins or polyphenols).

International projects

“New methods for the investigation of the structure of plant cell walls” 2004-2005, bilateral project with Laboratory for cellular biology, Versay, France, financed by Ministry of science of Rep Serbia and Ministry of foreign affaires of France (through the organisation Egide)

- We studied differences in FTIR spectra of the Arabidopsis stem sections between wild type plants and mutants in the pathway of lignin biosynthesis

Selected Publications (relevant to Action)

Tufegdžić S, Bogdanović J, Maksimović V, Vučinić Ž (2005). Characterization of enzymatically synthesized diferulate. Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci 1048 (1): 466-470

Jelena Bogdanović, Daniela Đikanović, Vuk Maksimović, Srdjan Tufegdžić, Dejan Đoković, Vasilije  Isajev and Ksenija Radotić (2006). Phenolics, lignin content and peroxidase activity in Picea omorika lines. Biologia Plantarum 50 (3): 461-464

Bogdanović J, Prodanović R, Milosavić N, Prodanović O, Radotić K (2006). Multiple forms of superoxide dismutase in the apoplast and whole-needle extract of serbian spruce (Picea omorika (Pančić) Purkinye). Arch. Biol. Sci., Belgrade, 58 (4): 211-214

Dragišić Maksimović J, Bogdanović J, Maksimović V, Nikolić M (2007). Silicon modulates the metabolism and utilization of phenolic compounds in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) grown at excess manganese. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 170: 739-744.

Prodanović O, Prodanović R, Bogdanović J, Mitrović A, Milosavić N, Radotić K (2007). Antioxidative enzymes during germination of two lines of serbian spruce (Picea omorika (Panč.) Purkyne).  Arch. Biol. Sci., Belgrade, 59 (3): 209-216

Bogdanović J, Milosavić N, Prodanović R, Dučić T, Radotić K (2007). Variability of antioxidant enzyme activity and isoenzime profile in needles of serbian spruce (Picea omorika (Pančić) Purkinye). Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 35: 263-273

Radotić K., Djikanović D., Bogdanović J., Vasiljević-Radović D. (2008) Levels of plant cell wall structural organization revealed by atomic force microscopy. Journal of Microscopy 232, 508–510.

Bogdanović, J., Radotić, K., Mitrović, A. (2008): Changes in activities of antioxidant enzymes during Chenopodium murale seed germination. Biologia Plantarum 52, 396-400.

Mitrović, A., Bogdanović, J. (2008) Activities of antioxidative enzymes during Chenopodium rubrum L. ontogenesis in vitro. Archives of biological sciences, Belgrade 60: 223-231.

J. Bogdanović, M. Mojović, N. Milosavić, A. Mitrović, Ž. Vučinić, Ivan Spasojevic. Role of fructose in the adaptation of plants to cold-induced oxidative stress. Eur Biophys J DOI : 10.1007/s00249-008-0260-9.