Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics


Olivier ARNOULD | Research Institute

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The Laboratory of Mechanics and Civil Engineering LMGC is divided in 7 teams and 2 trans-disciplinary axes dealing with different aspects of the mechanics of materials and structures: welded joints, design in innovative structures, coupling in heterogeneous media, wood and tree mechanics, mathematical modeling in mechanics, multi-contacts systems, thermo-mechanics of materials, granular solids and mechanics of the living. The laboratory staff is composed of 46 research or teaching/research scientists, in which 23 are qualified to supervise graduate research, 14 engineers or technicians, 28 Ph.D. students and 4 Post-docs. Research topics are numerous: wood, gels, soils, shape-memory alloys, cytosqueletons, granular media, weld, etc. with a variety of modeling concept: tensegrity, multi-bodies, growth stresses, granularity, divided media, etc. These researches are mainly done with industrial partnerships like: SNCF (ballast modelling), ADEME (chestnut tree exploitation), CEE (residual stresses in beech), ARCELOR-MITTAL (infrared thermography applied to material fatigue), ALSTOM (impact studies in on-board systems), Salins du Midi (thermo-hygro-mechanics of compacted salt), INRA (division of raw material from plants), Armines (optimisation of welding processes). The laboratory has an area of 700m² devoted to experimental research and a scientific computation center developing an open platform software for modeling interaction problems between elements (e.g., granular material) including multi-physics.


Microtome (Sledge GSL 1) and Ultratome (Leica RM2235) with glass or diamond knife, optical microscope with polarized light (Leica DMLP 18885), Dynamical Mechanical Analysis (BOSE ELF 3230), “Home made” creep devices, ultrasound velocity measurements (Sofranel 5800 pulser/receiver and transducers: compressive wave 500kHz and 1MHz/shear wave 500kHz), “Home made” free/forced beam vibration for viscoelastic measurements, strain gages and data logger (Vishay P3, Kyowa PCD 300A, TML TDS 102), classical tensile test machines (Instron/MTS, from 500N to 100kN), CCD cameras for image correlation, infra-red cameras (CEDIP Titanium and Jade), thermally regulated bath (Hubert Ministat 125), precision balances, oven, wood and metal machining shop, cold storage room.

At the South Institute of South: AFM (Veeco E-Scope with Nanoscope IV).

Many characterization devices available through different shared services at the University of Montpellier 2 (AFM with HarmoniX and Nanoscope V, SEM/E-SEM, EBSD, confocal Raman microscopy, X-ray diffraction, etc.).