Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Workshop | Hamburg | October 2010

Workshop on "wood structure/function relationships"

October 5-8, 2010 | Hamburg, Germany



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Following the aim of COST to disseminate the results of the respective COST Actions to the general public, the following scientists have given their agreement to present their presentation.  The presentations are presented according to the undefinedProgramme of the workshop with the name of the presenters.

Keynote 1

undefinedMartin MÜLLER

Session 1

undefinedMichael JARVIS
undefinedKirsi LEPPÄNEN
undefinedKari PIRKKALAINEN
undefinedWieslaw OLEK
undefinedTancrede ALMERAS

Session 2

undefinedChristian LANVERMANN
undefinedStig L. BARDAGE
undefinedDaniel KEUNECKE

Poster Presentations

undefinedWolfgang FISCHER
undefinedJasna SIMONOVIC
undefinedNanna PEDERSEN
undefinedJelena BOGDANOVIC
undefinedJean-Eudes MAIGRET
undefinedMarcus MÜLLER

Session 3

undefinedKsenija RADOTIC
undefinedJohannes EITELBERGER
undefinedStaffan SVENSSON
undefinedDominique DEROME

Session 4

undefinedKarin FACKLER
undefinedIgor DOBOVSEK

Poster Presentations

undefinedThomas BADER
undefinedThomas JOFFRE

Session 5

undefinedIngo MAYER
undefinedCedric MONTERO
undefinedRahime BAG 

Working Group Meetings

undefinedMartin DRESSLER
undefinedAlexander PFRIEM
undefinedVladimirs BIZIKS

Session 6

undefinedKristofer GAMSTEDT
undefinedDominique DEROME
undefinedEmil Tang ENGELUND


The objective of the workshop is to present and discuss the current status, the technical challenges and the latest research results of the micro-characterization in wood mechanics within and beyond the framework of COST Action FP0802. In addition, the workshop provides a forum to communicate current ideas and strategies in this field. Particular emphasis will be given on assessing the potential of emerging experimental and computational techniques and of combinations of already well-established techniques for investigating the ultrastructural origin of the moisture and time dependence of the mechanical behavior of wood.

The workshop will bring together researchers from different areas of engineering including biology, physics, chemistry, material science, forestry, engineering, etc. Scientists with a general methodological background in material characterization at smaller length scales with no particular focus on wood mechanics are also strongly encouraged to participate.


A Tutorial is planned in the late afteroon on the day before the workshop. It offers an opportunity to refresh and update the knowledge on “Micro X-Ray Tomography”. We are very pleased that Prof. Markku Kataja from Jyväskylä University agreed to give us detailed information on this topic. Please indicate your attendance on the Abstract Submission Form and the Registration Form.