Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Workshop | Krakow | April 2010

Joint focussed Meeting "Modeling mechanical behavior of wooden cultural objects"

Krakow, Poland, April 12-13, 2010


WG3, in cooperation undefinedIE0601 ("wood science for cultural heritage")


Following the aim of COST to disseminate the results of the respective COST Actions to the general public, the following scientists have given their agreement to present their presentation.  The presentations are presented according to the undefinedFinal programme (containing also the abstracts) of the workshop with the name of the presenters.


Opening Session

undefinedRoman KOZLOWSKI
undefinedKarin HOFSTETTER

Session I

undefinedJoseph GRIL
undefinedFrederik DUBOIS
undefinedCallum HILL
undefinedWieslaw OLEK

Session II

undefinedKristofer GAMSTEDT
undefinedLoane BIGORGNE
undefinedFalk WITTEL

Session III

undefinedBartosz RACHWAL
undefinedJulien COLMARS
undefinedJulien FROIDEVAUX
undefinedSusanne SAFT
undefinedThomas BADER