Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Research Institute


Main research fields of the Institute of Physics and Materials Science (IPM) at BOKU University are Materials Science and the development of new testing techniques. The research work is focused on studies of structure, strength and fracture properties of natural and technical materials under static as well as dynamic loads. Testing methods, like micro- and macro-mechanical  techniques, or the ultrasound fatigue testing technique or environmental scanning microscopy are applied.

Aim of the investigations is a better understanding of the structure-function relationships of materials by means of physical testing methods. In addition, use of the obtained knowledge in cooperations with industrial partners and national and international research institutions is made.


Material testing machines: Micro-loading devices, mechanical tension-compression machine (1 t), hydraulic 4t MTS machine, tension-torsion hydraulic MTS machine (10t), ultrasound fatigue testing machines.

Surface characterization devices: Contact Angle Meter(dynamic), roughness measuring devices (mechanical and laser)

ESEM with EDX and in-situ loading frames, optical microscopes.