Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Curriculum Vitae

  • Re-engineering paper, subproject 2 Virtual product models, TEKES 2008-2010. Studies on the structure of  cellulose nanofibrils and fibres and paper.
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    Selected Publications (relevant to Action)

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    M Peura, MP Sarén, J Laukkanen, K Nygård, S Andersson, P Saranpää, T Paakkari, K Hämäläinen and R Serimaa. The elemental composition, the microfibril angle distribution and the shape of the cell cross-section in Norway spruce xylem. Trees-structure and function 22 (2008) 499-510

    M Peura, M Müller, U Vainio, M-P Sarén, P Saranpää and R Serimaa, X-ray microdiffraction reveals the orientation of cellulose microfibrils and the size of cellulose crystallites in single Norway spruce tracheids, Trees, Trees 22 (2008) 49-61

    M Peura, K Kölln, I Grotkopp, P Saranpää, M Müller and R Serimaa, The effect of axial strain on crystalline cellulose in Norway spruce, Wood Sci Technol (2007) 41:565–583

    Sarén, M.-P., Serimaa, R. Determination of microfibril angle distribution by X-ray diffraction. Wood science and Technology, 40 (2006) 445-460

    Peura M, Grotkopp I, Lemke H, Vikkula A, Laine J, Müller M, Serimaa R. Negative Poisson ratio of crystalline cellulose in sulphate cooked Norway spruce. Biomacromolecules 7 (5) (2006) 1521-1528

    S. Andersson, H. Wikberg, E. Pesonen, S-L Maunu and R. Serimaa, Studies of crystallinity of Scots pine and Norway spruce cellulose. Trees - Structure and Function 18 (2004) 346-353.

    U. Vainio, N. Maximova, B. Hortling, J. Laine, P. Stenius, L.K. Simola, J. Gravitis and R. Serimaa, Morphology of dry lignins and size and shape of dissolved kraft lignin particles by X-ray scattering, Langmuir 20 (2004) 9736-9744.

    T. Koponen, T. Karppinen, E. Haeggström, P. Saranpää, and R. Serimaa. The stiffness modulus in Norway spruce as a function of year ring. Holzforschung 59, 451-455, 2005.

    M. Saren, S. Andersson, R. Serimaa, T. Paakkari, P. Saranpää and E. Pesonen. Structural variation of tracheids in Norway spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.). J. Struct. Biol. 136 (2): 101-109 NOV 2001.

    M.-P. Sarén, R. Serimaa, S. Andersson, P. Saranpää, J. Keckes and P. Fratzl. Effect of growth rate on mean microfibril angle and cross-sectional shape of tracheids of Norway spruce. Trees - Structure and Function 18 (2004) 354-362.




    Education/Professional Career


    Ph.D. at University of Helsinki


    Docent, physics, University of Helsinki


    Professor of Physics, Soft condensed matter


    since 2003:

    Member of the board of the national graduate school of Materials Physics

    since 2003:

    Member of the EMBL Priority Committee (Synchrotron radiation research)

    since 2003:

    Advisory board member, Academy of Finland research programme LIFE

    since 2005:

    Vice head of Helsinki University graduate school of natural polymers

    since 2007:

    Board of the Department of Physics, Helsinki University

    Research Projects (relevant to Action)

    • Novel ways to probe hierarchical soft materials from molecular to tissue scale combining x-ray imaging and ultrasound. SA,  2009-2011
    • Helsinki University, 3 year project: The hierarchical structure of plant tissue, 2007-2009. Studies on plant material using x-ray scattering and x-ray microtomography.