Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Research Institute


The group involved in this COST action is the Wood, Biomaterials and Biomass team of LERFOB (integrated research group devoted to Forest and Wood resources).

This team aims at interfacing life science and engineering science : from the bio-products to the engineering products.

His research activities comprise wood sciences, bio-composites and biomass for energy.


The most relevant equipment:

  • A wood anatomy laboratory : microtome, ultra-microtome, optical microscope, image processing software,
  • An ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope), with a Peltier stage and a mechanical testing device,
  • 2 mechanical testing devices for micro-sample,
  • A custom device for wood/water relations (climatic chamber, micro-balance and laser micrometers,
  • A Raman microspectrometer,
  • A custom sorption system with a magnetic suspension balance and shrinkage measurement (camera, telecentric lens and image processing),
  • X-ray imaging systems : 2-D image and a ยต-tomograph,
  • X-ray diffraction system (to arrive in 2009), 
  • Several custom modeling softwares : scaling, multiscale, MPM, LB, vectoriel image processing