Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Research Institute


Activities of the Theoretical Solid State Physics, Physics Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki:

  • Dynamics and Kinetics of disordered solid state systems and fractals.
    Dynamics of neural networks and signal transfer.
  • Estimation of electronic and optical properties of conventional and novel semiconductor material with technological applicability.
  • Interface study (symmetry, energy and structure features) in polycrystalline materials with lattice model.
  • Study of crystallite triplets in polycrystalline materials. 
  • Estimation of electronic and dynamic properties in crystals, amorphous materials, superlattices.
  • Properties and Critical phenomena in ionic crystals. - Lattice dynamice of compounds and Raman data interpretation 
  • Difussion modelling, random walk, complex systems, low-dimensional systems, fractals, trapping events. - Statistical Physics Methodology.


PC Lab with parallel processing. Consists of 32 PCs (Intel Core 2 Duo, 64 processors), Total RAM 128 Gb, Storage Space 6.7 Tb, Operating System Scientific Linux.