Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


Team leader, Senior Research Wood Scientist and Project leader at TNO (Research Institute of Applied Science), Delft/The Netherlands


Coordinator of Technology Transfer at Wood Industry Centre of Technology, Lemgo/Germany


Lecturer at the University of Sciences, Lemgo/Germany

since 2005:

Senior Research Wood Scientist, Project leader and Lecturer at Delft University of Technology/The Netherlands


Member of national standard committee for timber quality.

Member of IAWA.

Vice chairman of the European Drying Group.

Research Projects (relevant to Action)

  • Hydro-mechanical properties of wood during super heated steam drying.
    Super heated steam drying has a high potential for hardwood drying in order to reduce drying time. Hydro-mechanical properties will be investigated under such conditions.     

  • Healing Built-in Building Materials.
    Wood fibres are modified in order to transport self healing agents and release them under defined conditions in cementitious material.

Selected Publications (relevant to Action)

Liu, H, Qian, S, Kuilen, JWG van de, Gard, WF , Rooij, MR de, & Ursem, WNJ (2008). Application of hollow plant fibres to repair concrete cracks. In TS Lok & P Prochazka (Eds.), 5th International specialty conference on fibre reinforced materials (pp. 121-132). Singapore: CI-Premier. (TUD)

Gard, WF , & Riepen, M (2007). Super heated steam drying of European hardwoods. In P Blanchet (Ed.), Proceedings of the International scientific conference on hardwood processing ISCHP 07 (pp. 143-148). Franquet, Canada: FP Innovations. (TUD)

Kuilen, JWG van de (2008). Creep of timber joints. Heron, 53(3), 133-156. (TUD)