Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


Dr. scient. in wood science and technology from Agricultural University of Norway


Researcher at The Norwegian Forest Research Institute

since 1999:

Associate Professor at Norwegian University of Life Sciences



6 months at INRA, Centre de Recherches Forestieres de Nancy, France


Member of Management Committee COST E24: “Reliability analysis of timber structures”


Member of Management Committee COST E40: “Innovative utilisation and products of large dimensioned timber”


Visiting Faculty at Oregon State University

Research Projects (relevant to Action)

Properties of Scots pine round timber. The aim of the project was to develop models for strength grading of round timber in order to enable use of round timber as structural elements. One part of the project was to test how round timber performed compared to square sawn timber, and if the corrections for moisture and dimensions given in EN 384 could be used.

Components of laminated wood for furnitures. The project concidered how to reduce problems related to springback, distortions and microcracks in laminated veneer by means of laminate configuration and changes in moisture content and temperature during manufacturing.

Enhanced service life of coated wooden facades. The aim of the project is to develop new methods for early prediction of durability and longer aesthetic service life of coated outdoor wooden claddings related to consumer needs and new building and environmental regulations.

Selected Publications (relevant to Action)

Vestøl, G.I. & Høibø, O. (Submitted 2008). Bending strength and modulus of elasticity of round Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) timber from southern Norway. Unpublished manuscript.

Larnøy, E., Lande, S. & Vestøl, G.I. 2008. Variations of Furfuryl alcohol and Wolmanit CX-8 treatability of pine sapwood within and between trees. The International Research Group on Wood Protection. IRG/WP 08-40421.

Vestøl, G.I., Gobakken, L.R. & Sivertsen. M.S. 2008. Service life of wooden facades. Institutt for naturforvaltning, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap. Årsmelding 2007: 16-19. (In Norwegian)

Hovde, P.J., Jacobsen, B., Jelle, B.P., Larnøy, E. & Vestøl, G.I. 2008. Enhanced service life of coated wooden facades. 11DBMC International Conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components. Istanbul-Turkey, May 11-14th, 2008