Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Research Institute


Faculty of Wood Technology

The Faculty is a unit of Poznan University of Life Sciences being a public research and educational institution. The Faculty is one of two Polish institutions offering university education in wood technology. The university courses are available in four specializations: mechanical wood technology, furniture design, wood modification and preservation as well as chemical wood technology. The research activities of the Faculty are focused on wood structure and properties of wood, rheology of wood and fracture mechanics of wooden structural elements, wood drying, design and optimization of wood constructions, technological optimization of mechanical wood processing, gluing technology as well as surface improvement and finishing processes, problems related to emission of toxic gaseous substances, production technology and properties of wood‑based panels, construction and exploitation of woodworking tools and machines, ecological aspects of wood working processes, wood protection and durability, chemical properties of various plant materials, wood modification, high-temperature treatment of lignocellulosic materials, thermolysis of wood (production of active charcoal), production of cellulose pulp.



  • experimental devices for creep testing,
  • acoustic emission analyzer,
  • ultrasound defectoscope,
  • computer controlled image analyzer,
  • universal testing machines (incl. Zwick ZO50TH),
  • package software consisting of direct finite element solver module PES (Parabolic Equation Solver), inverse finite element analysis control and optimization module COID (COefficient IDentification module), visualization module BIOVIS (BIOlogical material VISualization),
  • experimental system for sorption processes investigation,
  • set-up for transient heat transfer in wood and wood-based panels,
  • computer controlled kiln dryers (capacity of timber load of 2.5 m3 and 0.5 m3)