Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


Ph.D. at Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD)


Director of Mechanical Engineering Degree


Vice-Director of Engineering Department (UTAD)


Vice-Director of CETAV (Centro de Estudos Tecnológicos, do Ambiente e da Vida)

since 2007:

Director of Undergraduate Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering Degrees



Principal  investigator of the national research project POCTI/36270/EME/2000, “Non linear mechanical behaviour of wood”


Principal  investigator of the national research project CONC-REEQ/1186/2005, “High Resolution Image Sequence Analysis For the study of wood mechanical behaviour”

Research Projects (relevant to Action)

The application of optical full-field techniques to the analysis of wood at the growth ring scale is rather relevant due to the heterogeneous fields inherently generated by the complex structure of the material. The virtual fields method, coupled with those techniques, is a powerful inverse identification method for the extraction of all the active elastic parameters of the material. The underlying idea is to optimize a test configuration (i.e., geometry and loading system) that will lead to the identification of several parameters in only a single specimen. It is also intended to further improve the actual understanding concerning the relationship between the microstructure of wood and its elastic properties.

Selected Publications (relevant to Action)

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