Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Research Institute


The Centre for the Research and Technology of Agro-Environment and Biological Sciences (CITAB) is a research unit hosted by UTAD, with 55 active members organized in 4 research areas focusing on the agriculture production chain:  (1) Integrative Biology and Quality, (2) Ecointegrity, (3) Climate and Atmospheric Modelling and (4) Biosystems Engineering. Experimental identification and analytical modelling of mechanical and fracture behaviour of biological materials is a major area of research at the Biosystems Engineering group of CITAB, with particular emphasis on wood. CITAB possesses important infrastructures to carry out relevant work on the field of wood mechanics, mainly distributed among the Forest Products Laboratory, the Mechanical Testing Laboratory and the Structural Testing Laboratory of UTAD, and has a young and multidisciplinary team engaged on this research domain. For more details of CITAB please connect to: http://www.utad.citab.pt.


Mechanical Testing Laboratory: Instron 1125 electro-mechanical testing machine; Instron 8801 servo-hydraulic test machine; Video Image Correlation for 2-D and 3-D strain field measurement (Aramis 3D).

Dynamic Laboratory: Instron 5848 electro-mechanical Microtester; Rheometrics dynamic mechanical thermal analyser (DMTA V); vacuum oven.
Forest Product Laboratory: SEIFERT point source X-ray chamber; Joyce-Loebl microdensitometer; Olympus BX 50 fluorescence microscope; image analysis software (Image-Pro Plus).
Unity of Electronic Microscopy: Scanning Electron Microscopy (Philips-FEI/Quanta 400); Transmission Electron Microscopy (LEO 906E, Leica); X-Ray Scattering (PAN’alytical, X’Pert Pro).

Chemistry Research Centre of UTAD: FTIR Spectroscopy (Unicam Research Series); Thermogravimetric Analysis (Q 50, TA Instruments); Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC 131, Setaram).