Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Research Institute


The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi focuses considerably on scientific research, having 43 center and laboratories accredited for scientific research, national and international grants, research contracts with the industrial environment or government institutions, their activities placing the university to the fore of scientific research in Romania. The experience of the 170 researchers and Ph.D. coordinators, the enthusiasm of the almost 1400 Ph.D. students, the innovation capacities of the staff of the Technical University produced almost 65% of the inventions in Romania during the past 10 years. The attention given to interdisciplinary research, innovation and knowledge transfer, the commitment of the staff for achieving excellence ensure a constant dynamics of the research activity and the acknowledgement of the university at international level. The Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environment Protection of the University is involved in research projects in the field of chemical and biochemical engineering, environment engineering and related fields. The main research fields are: biochemical engineering, biotechnology, environment engineering for the assessment of multifunctional materials for special applications, advanced materials for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food applications, catalysis and biocatalysis, science of paper, chemistry of wood and of its components.


The Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environment Protection has modern research laboratories with performing devices which enable the approach of some research topics from the field of wood chemistry and its components:

  • UV-VIS UV- 1700 PHARMASPEC SI S-22 BOECO spectrophotometer,
  • SHIMADZU 5301 PC fluorescence spectrophotometer,
  • FTIR DIGILAB-FTS 2000 spectrophotometer with ATR (ZnSe) device,
  • RMN spectrometer of the Bruker Avance type,
  • Mettler 851 derivatograph,
  • calorimeter with DSC1 differential scanning from Mettler Toledo,
  • Kruss goniometer for the determination of surface properties, 
  • HPLC – Varian Aerograph, 
  • Physica MCR 501 rheometer which enables the determination of the rheological, physical and mechanical properties for all types of samples – from low viscosity liquids to solids,
  • chromatography installation on permeable gel with UV-VIS detector and automatic collector of GILSON fractions,
  • GILSON ASPEC XL installation for solid phase extraction,
  • SFT 100 XW SFE extractor with supercritical fluids, with accessories for the conservation of extracts via liophylization,
  • HPLC DIONEX Ultimate 3000 coupled with a Thermo mass spectrometer.