Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Research Institute


The primary activity of the Department of Wood Science & Technology is education on higher/university level. At the same time, it is the only research and development institution in the field of wood science and technology in Slovenia, with a strong co-operation with Slovenian wood-processing industry. Research activities cover wood technology (anatomy, dendrochronology, wood drying); wood pathology and preservation, wood coatings, wooden constructions, saw-milling, wood chemistry, wood based materials and products, wood machining and economic investigations in wood processing sector. Among other fields, it has expertise in wood liquefaction and use of liquefied wood to produce various polymer materials, in wood modification, development of novel wood preservatives and in fungal deterioration processes of wood. Surface coating testing (interactions with various wooden and wood based substrates, physico-chemical properties, ageing, etc.) and low VOC coatings are also the related topics. The Department of Wood Science & technology has been participating in many national and European research programs (like COST, FP6, Interreg etc.)
Organisational structure of our Department consists of four Chairs and the group of supporting staff (administration, library, and technical staff). The Chairs are:

  • the Chair of wood technology,
  • the Chair of wood based composites and wood coatings,
  • the Chair of mechanical woodworking technologies,
  • the Chair of management and economics.


There exists diverse research equipment at the Department of Wood Science and Technology, according to the organizational scheme. The available infrastructure, related to the activities and goals of COST Action FP0802 is following:

  • Universal mechanical testing device ZWICK Z100, ZWICK Z005, Zwick,
  • Tensiometer K100 MK2, Krüss GmbH,
  • Rheometer ARES G2, TA Instruments
  • UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Perkin Elmer,
  • Spectrum One - FTIR spectrophotometer, Perkin Elmer,
  • Twin X, fluorescence spectrophotometer, Oxford Instruments,
  • HPLC, Agilent
  • Universal extraction System Soxhlet B811, Buchi,
  • Vacuum-press modification chamber, Kambič,
  • Laboratory Closed-loop tunnel drier and conditioning device, Kambič,
  • Climatic chamber VTRK 500 MU, Heraeus Völtsch,
  • Ultracentrifuge mill Retch SM2000, ZM100,
  • Light microscope Nikon Eclipse E800 and LUCIA SM2000R image analysis system.