Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics

Curriculum Vitae

Education/Professional Career


M.Sc. Civil Engineering, University of California at Los Angeles, USA


Ph.D, thesis on “Wave Propagation in Composite Materials”, University of

California, L.A., USA


Post-Doc., Materials Science, University of California, L.A., USA


Professor, University of Bluchestan - Iran


"Maitre de Conference", Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris, France


“Privat-Dozent”, Adjoint Scientifique, Department of Material Sciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-Lausanne, Switzerland

since 2007:

Professor, Bern University of Applied Science, Architecture, Wood, Civil Engineering



One of the founder of the organization of “European Society for Wood Mechanics”


Research Projects (relevant to Action)

  • Homogenization of viscoelastic heterogeneous materials with periodic structure<//span><//span>
  • Modelling and experimentation of Therm-Hydro-Mechanical behavior of wood at micro level
  • Experimental and Computational Investigation of Basic Mechanical Behaviour of Welded Wood and Crack Resistance of the Joint to Moisture Variation

Selected Publications (relevant to Action)

P. Navi et al., Harmonic wave propagation in viscoelastic heterogeneous materials, Part II, Effective complex moduli, J. of Mechanics of Materials, vol. 18, no 4, 1994, pp. 333-350.

P. Navi et al., Micromechanics of wood  subjected to axial tension, J. of Wood Science and Technology, 1995, 29, pp. 411-429.

P. Navi and F. Girardet (2000), “Effects of thermo-hydro-mechanical treatment on the structure and properties of wood”, Holzforschung 54(3): 287-293.

Navi P., V. Pittet, et al. (2002), “Transient moisture effects on wood creep”, Wood Science and Technology, 36 (6): 447-462.

B. Stamm, J. Natterer and P. Navi, (2005), Joining wood by friction welding, Holz als Roh-und Wekstoff, 2005, pp. 313-320.

Sedighi-Gilani M, Sunderland H & Navi P (2006): Within-fiber nonuniformities of microfi-bril angle. Wood and Fiber Sci, 38(1): 132-138.

Sedighi-Gilani M & Navi P (2007): Experimental observations and micromechanical modelling of successive-damaging phenomenon in wood cells tensile behaviour, Wood Science Technology, 41(1): 69-85(17).

Landis Eric N.,& Navi P. (2008), Modelling crack propagation  in wood and wood composites, Holzforschung (under publication)

Stanzl-Tschegg S. E., & Navi P. (2008), Fracture behaviour of wood and its composites, Holzforschung (under publication)

Navi P., & Stanzl-Tschegg S. E., (2008), Micromechanics of creep and relaxation of wood. A review, Holzforschung (under publication)